Marriage Registration in Thailand

If you are married to a Thai and need to have your marriage registered in Thailand then speak to one of our attorneys in Bangkok or at any of our offices in Thailand. The process normally takes 2-3 days and if you are not located in Bangkok then you will have to spend a few days in Bangkok.

Marriage Registration in ThailandThe first step say if you are living in Phuket or Chiang Mai or for that matter Pattaya is to take a trip to Bangkok as you need to be at the Embassy to obtain an affirmation to marry. This is an overnight process and you need to collect the documents the following day. At the Embassy you fill in a form stating your details and if you are divorced you need to give them a copy of the divorce decree. They will then issue you with an affirmation letter which means that you are single and can get married.

From here you need to have the letter verified which takes another day. You need to take this letter to the Thai Foreign Affairs Department out near the old airport in Bangkok an area called Laksi. Here they will spend a few hours to verify that the document is real and that it did come from the Embassy. Go early and take loads of reading material as it is a wait.

Once the are complete they will place a stamp on the letter to state that the letter is authentic and that you can use this for your married registration. From here you need to go to the Amphur office. This is the District Office in the area. You then hand them all the documents, affirmation, copy of passport, wife’s Id card and house papers and then 30 minutes later they will issue you a marriage certificate. It red tape all round and it drags from day to day!

The alternative is what everyone else does. Sign a Power of Attorney at our offices fill in the forms and go and enjoy you honeymoon while we run around in Bangkok for you. No need to leave Phuket and our inter office mail takes care of it all.

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