Housing and Land Tax in Thailand

If you own or thinking of buying a house in Thailand then there is an annual tax which needs to to paid. This is based on 12.5% of the rental income of the property. If you live in the house which you own then this is not needed. If you are leasing the property to… Read More »

Property Taxes & Fees in Thailand

When you buy property in Thailand you need to know who will pay which tax and also what each tax is going to be. The government has percentage based taxes and are listed below. Speak to a property attorney today about is required when a property transfer takes place in Thailand.

Common Questions in Thailand

These are a list of common questions asked in Thailand when it comes to Thai property laws and also Thai immigration laws. We have listed these questions about Thailand in the listed format for easy reading and broken it down into sections. If you have any other questions then speak to us online for anything… Read More »

Thai Marriage Visa

If you are married to a Thai national you can now apply for a 3 month Thai marriage visa. Thai Thai “O” visa allows you to live in Thailand with your Thai wife. When you apply at the Thai embassy the documents are easy enough to understand and provide. The extension of this visa into… Read More »

Rental Agreements in Thailand

If you are retired in Thailand or married to a Thai then more likely than not you would be renting property like most expats. Very few buy property in Thailand on their first visit and normally rent before they buy the property they live in. This makes sense as it gives you an idea of… Read More »

Thailand Visa Information Sources

Considering the difficulty of obtaining a Thailand business visa, not to mention the stringent immigration policies, the presence of a consistent demand for assistance comes as no surprise. From time to time, majority of applicants resort to different sources and services—thinking that such could help them process the visa at a much faster pace.

Attorneys in Thailand

At Siam Legal we have law offices in all the main cities of Thailand. If you need an attorney in Thailand then speak to us today about your retirement, marriage, property or tourist visa needs. We are available 24 hours a day so call us now or speak to a consultant online now. We are… Read More »